We are pleased to introduce our newest staff member! Dawn comes from a varied background which includes business and community development, employability and holistic health and wellbeing. Dawns role is focused purely on developing and nurturing relationships with food producers in and around the borough for us to move forwards in our aims.

Here she is: “My name is Dawn and I am the newest member of staff here at the Food Alliance.  As a good food movement one of our aims is to increase public understanding, involvement and knowledge of the way in which food is produced, distributed and consumed.

I have been recruited specifically with funding from Sustainable Food Places  to identify and form relationships with small food businesses and producers in the borough and surrounding area, so that we can generate a greater  connection between those who consume the food to those who produce it.

I feel that over the years we have lost touch with what food is, where it comes from and have generally become disconnected from so many things. I am excited to be part of this new, holistic and celebratory food agenda.

I am passionate about people, communities and individual and collective wellbeing. I cannot think of a better way than food to bring communities together and restore that sense of connection to each other, and the environment that we live in. ”