Blackburn with Darwen Food Alliance


Putting a Face to our Food

Whilst many of us would like to support our local food producers it can sometimes be a challenge to know where to start. The markets in Blackburn and Darwen town centres are an obvious place but where else?  This is the question we asked ourselves and are on a mission to track down our local good food producers and businesses to help you not only discover but more importantly support them.


When you think about Blackburn with Darwen you might think about our high streets, but you will be surprised about what lies just a few miles outside of our town centres. All of the businesses we will feature are small family concerns with a strong commitment to not only the food they produce but also the way in which it is produced.

So, why is buying local important?

Here are some of the reasons:

Health: Local food tends to be more nutritious. Food starts to lose nutritional value as soon as it is harvested so the less miles it has had to travel the better.

Supporting the local economy: By shopping local you are ploughing your hard-earned cash back into your community.  When you buy from local producers you are helping to keep the producer in business and promoting and saving local jobs. A recent government survey found that for every £10 spent locally, £3.85 is re circulated back into the local economy.

The environment: Currently about 60% of our food is imported!  Local food has a less environmental impact. Food that hasn’t had to travel by planes, trains and automobiles has a smaller carbon footprint. Also buying local tends to involve less and often unnecessary packaging.

Seasonal and tasty. Buying direct from the producer usually means you are buying what is in season right now.  This tends to be more flavoursome

And finally…. Putting a Face to Your Food

When you support local producers and businesses you are meeting the person who has produced your food. They are often part of the local community. If you have questions about their food you can ask them directly. You are not only buying great food but a personal service and shopping experience.

So, over the coming months we will be out and about having conversations with people that can make this possible. The vision is to bring more locally and sustainably produced food into our borough.

If you know a producer or retailer you think we should get to know or if you are a local food producer or business who would like to get involved, please email