Make A Positive Difference

Save Food From Your Bins To Protect Our Planet

Reduce food waste to save food from our bins & protect the planet

Food Waste Facts

The words climate change seem to be a constant in our lives now and news headlines highlight on a regular basis how the choices we all make contribute to the release of greenhouse gases.

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to think about how we can make a positive difference but taking a look at the amount of edible food we waste in our homes is a great way to start.

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36 Million Tonnes

36 million tonnes of of greenhouse gas emissions could be prevented by saving food from our bins in the UK (Love Food Hate Waste).

If that doesn’t convince you let’s come a little closer to home. Recently Blackburn with Darwen Council did some research which showed that almost half of what goes into our burgundy bins is food and more than half of that is edible.

Wasting Food Could Be Costing You £700 Per Year

If the figure above doesn’t shock you, then how about this – it’s costing the Council £750,000 of council tax per year to deal with this waste, think how else this money could be spent.

Now lets come even closer to home. Throwing away this amount of edible food is costing the average family £60 a month or £700 a year.

What Could You Do To Reduce Food Waste?

Reduce food waste to save food from our bins & protect the planet

Small Changes, Big Impact

Making small changes in the way you shop, cook and eat could make a huge different to the climate your community and your finance and there are lots of easy things you can do.

The Love Food Hate Waste’s website is full of tips and recipes for using left over food, a portion calculator to help you buy the exact amounts of food you need and information on how to store food that it keeps for longer.

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